About me

Hi, I'm Pam. I am a (mostly) stay-at-home mum to two beautiful girls, with number 3 on the way, living in Perth, Western Australia. This blog is about the three things (other than my family) that I like to occupy myself with.

I am a hobbyist vegetable gardener (Grow). I love to see the garden produce useful plants and see the girls take a real pride in growing and eating our own vegetables.

I find baking extremely therapeutic (Bake). A Saturday afternoon in the kitchen can shake off most of what the week has thrown at me. I also have a massive sweet tooth, so love "testing" new recipes.

I also love to run (Run). I have to burn off all those baking calories somehow! I run because I love the challenge of getting better/faster, the obvious changes to fitness and body shape, especially post-pregnancy, and the time it gives me to think about life. I also dapple in triathlon, but I'm a hopeless swimmer and an ordinary cyclist. Running is my thing. I'm not the fastest but I'm not that bad. Discovering this was a bit of a surprise after being overweight as a child and not at all athletic.

I was a scientist in a previous life (or at least that's how it feels), but I am by no means a professional at growing, baking or running, and only speak from personal experience. If you like anything you read, please feel free to comment and/or share my links on your own blog.

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