Sunday, May 6, 2012

In My Kitchen - May 2012

My kitchen is a little less conventional this month. This trip has been a long time in the planning, and as such my temporary kitchen has been fairly well thought out. I thoroughly enjoyed shopping for kitchen gadgets that were perfectly suited to camping. I'll just show you a few this month, as my internet access is limited, and I'll save some for the coming months. So, in my kitchen.......

...... is a set of three Scanpan knives, with sheathes.

Since buying a block of Scanpan knives for home a couple of years ago, I simply cannot do without good knives, but because all of my utensils are filed in plastic containers in the camp kitchen, I thought the risk of cutting myself on a sharp knife while diving in for a wooden spoon, was quite high. When I saw these coloured Scanpan knives with plastic sheathes, I had to have them. I didn't buy all 3 together, and when I went back for the big one the store only had red, so unfortunately they don't all match, but they are fantastic none the less.

In my kitchen is a collapsible colander.

I had been pondering over the idea of a camping colander for a while (doesn't everyone?). I had decided they were too bulky and I'd just make do by angling a saucepan lid on the pan to drain/strain. Then I saw this fantastic collapsible colander at a camping store. It was $20 which I thought wasn't bad for what it is, and it fits perfectly into of my utensil containers.

In my kitchen is an oven thermometer.

With the temperature control being a bit difficult in the gas oven, and the built in thermometer being placed at the rear of the over, I wanted a second thermometer to gauge the temperature difference between front and back. I picked up this nifty little oven thermometer for less than $10, and it hangs inside your oven on the shelf. I'm still in the experimental phase of baking in the gas oven, but this little gadget helped to make a batch of Celia's Fudge Brownies this afternoon, and then home-made pizzas for dinner. Both were devoured before I could get a photo, so I'd say that's a win for the oven and the thermometer!

In my kitchen is a stainless steel kettle.

I was NOT making a cup of tea every night with a billie, and then burning my hands while using some pliers and an oven mitt trying to pour the water which would inevitably end up all over the floor and/or me in the process. So I bought a stainless steel kettle for the gas stove, which has a flattenable (I just made up that word) plastic handle for storage, a removable lid for easy filling and a whistle, and it's just so shiny! I never drink tea in the evenings at home, but there's something about camping which makes me need a cup of tea once the kids are in bed, and this kettle makes the experience so enjoyable.

That's about all I have time for tonight. I'll bring you some more exciting camping, kitchen suprises in June. Take a look at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to see what's happening in some other people's kitchens this month.


  1. Great camping items- I love the knives, the teapot and the colander- they are perfect for camping! Really love the teapot with the flattenable handle and whistle!
    Thanks for the tour of your campkitchen- and have a great time!

  2. Pam, what a well thought out portable kitchen! I love those Scanpan knives, particularly because of the protective sleeve, and I tend to take them with me if I'm going somewhere that I know will only have dodgy knives. And the collapsible colander is genius! So glad you're still enjoying the brownies AND they're working in the gas oven! Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us this month.. xx

  3. How interesting. Scanpan make such great products. Enjoy your trip!