Saturday, March 2, 2013

Belated Update

Apologies all for being missing in action for a while now. As you probably guessed, I had a baby. Blossom was born on 27th January after a long but not entirely terrible labour, weighing in at 3.64kgs (or 8lb 0.5oz for those who still like to weigh babies in pounds and ounces). She was the lightest of the three girls at birth, but has chubbed up nicely since and is now bigger than either of them at the same age. Some say she's on a good paddock, I say "moooooo".

Chicky took getting a new family member all in her stride, after all she's been a big sister before. She also started school on 4th February so had other exciting things to think about. Poppet had her nose out of joint for a couple of weeks but has since discovered that being a big sister is pretty special, and wants to give Blossom cuddles all the time.

Just in case having a newborn and coming to terms with school runs wasn't enough excitement, we bought a house when Blossom was a week old. That's great, yay! But hold on, that meant we have to sell our house. Six days of mad renovation took place before we put ours on the market, followed by constant tidying for viewings, but luckily for me (and for the girls!) we had an offer last week so I'm back to sticky floors and happy kids. In 2 weeks I'll have a clean slate to start with on the garden front, a tired and old kitchen to work in (and on) and my running path at my front door. 2013 is proving to be more exciting than I first thought!

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  1. Wow! So much wonderful news, Pam!! Congratulations and welcome, baby Blossom! And a new house! What an exciting year 2013 is going to be for you!! xx