Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All Day Breakfast Muffins

With a few big races approaching, I've really been ramping up the training. I'm now running about 40+kms a week so thought I should start paying a little more attention to nutrition to see if I can crack a few PBs in the upcoming weeks. We normally eat well as a family, but I'm definitely guilty of hiding behind a cupboard door and scoffing some chocolate when the kids (and hubby) aren't looking. So I've been giving a few nutritional snack recipes a try, with lots of success.

I really enjoyed the Raw Chocolate Brownie that I made last week so decided to consult Teresa Cutter again. Breakfast is fairly uninspirational for me. Poppet demands "toast!" daily, and Chicky may or may not want to add some sort of cereal, so I thought I'd try something a bit different, a bit fun and a lot healthy that we might all enjoy - breakfast muffins. Teresa Cutter calls these ones Muesli Muffins. This recipe calls for wholemeal spelt flour which I've never baked with before. Spelt is a cereal grain that has fewer calories and more protein than wheat flour. I'm certain you could use wholemeal wheat flour in its place with little taste or texture change. My local green grocer stocks a comprehensive range of natural, raw, organic and just unusual ingredients so of course he had spelt flour, along with some other interesting things I picked up for future baking adventures.

I made a couple of small changes to the original recipe. We don't like raisins much here, so I used currants instead, and replaced the ground flackseed with linseed, soy and almond (LSA) mix. I also used my Easiyo-made natural yoghurt. The result was really tasty and even hubby and the girls liked them! It was a lovely change from toast with vegemite, and I think I'll be adding this one to the "regulars" list. Like the title suggests, these gems should not just be saved for breakfast, but make a great, healthy, filling snack for whenever the munchies hit.


  1. the muffins sound delish - how about the recipe :)

    1. Hi Gilly
      If you follow the "Muesli Muffins" link above, it wll take you to Teresa Cutter's recipe. Given I didn't make any drastic changes I didn't see the need to retype ;)