Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reclaiming the land

When Poppet was born, Chicky was almost 2 and really starting to get around. We are fortunate enough to have a decent sized block of land with both a big front and back yard. Most of the yard was grass when we moved in 7 years ago so it was a bit of a blank canvas. Behind the house, we've added the chicken coup and run, added a cubby in one of the garden beds for the kids, poured concrete paths for the kids to ride and run around, and claimed a section of the driveway for my vege patch. Our yard is great for a young family, but I find myself deciding which veges to sow in the given space. Rather than be forced to choose, I decided to reclaim some land.

The front yard is largely grass, which needs watering, then grows, then needs mowing, then the cycle starts again. One day late last year, while hubby was at work, I decided to start ripping up grass to prepare for another vege patch out the front. I started with a rectangular strip, then an L-shape, and just kept going until I had an area as wide as the house and about 2 metres long. This weekend we got some old railway sleepers to edge the garden bed. It's looking great. Here's a sneak peak. I can't wait to get some soil and start planting!


  1. excellent idea, who says we have to have grass in the front yard - look forward to seeing the results :)


  2. I agree Gilli! The front gets the morning sun too, so there is excellent growing potential.

  3. As you know, we tore up our back lawn and filled it with vegetable beds. The front lawn is getting nervous.. ;-)

    1. I know what you mean Celia. I am slowly filling in all spare space with seedlings! The chickens are currently maintaining what was the tomato garden, ready for some new crops.